Fredericksburg Trip

Recently, we made it down to the Hill Country to catch Ray Wylie Hubbard at Luckenbach. It was a great time for the wife and me. To start the show, Dalton Domino did an hour’s worth of one-man acoustic. Then, RWH came out, backed with his son Lucas on guitar. I can’t remember the drummer’s name. I coulda swore I heard a bass in the mix, but didn’t see one. My wife was not known to be a big fan of Ray’s music, but I think that’s changed now. I thought I heard her singing along with “Snake Farm” and “Screw You We’re From Texas.”

I had never been to Luckenbach before. Interesting story behind modern-day Luckenbach. You should look it up sometime!

We stayed in Fredericksburg and enjoyed German cuisine and local beer. We also checked out a winery or two. On the way out, we checked out the LBJ Ranch. I meant to take more pictures, but whatcha gonna do? Maybe more next time.

  • Obligatory Luckenbach Pose

Something I noticed down there: Every business sells T-Shirts, koozies, hats and anything else they can put their logos on and sell! Hmmmm. Look for Johnny’s Bar & Grill/Big Texas Radio online store in the near future!

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