Big Texas Radio “Currents” as of November 17, 2018

Sorted Alphabetically¬† |¬† “Current” Songs are played more frequently

Aaron Copeland – Drunk as Hell
Black Lillies – Ten Years
Bob Mauldin – Van Zandt County Line
Brandon Alan – Through The Cracks (feat Bart Crow)
Brian Collins – Nickel’s Worth of Heaven
Bubba T – Drunk In Here
Cameron Hobbs – More Than One Night
Chad Cooke Band – Whatever It Takes
Chance Ray – Roll On By
Charlie Shafter – Billy Creek
Chuck Shaw – Burn That Oil
Cody Rhodes – She Wants Me To Stay (Stay Gone)
Cody Wayne – Good Ole Country Song
Cooper Wade – High Time
Copper Chief – Body Aches [RADIO EDIT]
Corey Hunt Band-I’m Doing Fine
Darrin Morris Band – Never Knew Texas
Derryl Perry – No Country For A Broken Heart
Django Walker – Somewhere In This Town Tonight
Doc West – Tears in Her Heart
Drew Fish Band – Better Place
Dusty Neuman – Going Down To Austin
Eddie Saenz – Hometown
Felix Truvere – Fake It Till I Make It
Garrett Ford – Woke Up in Waco
GOODnGONE – Unused Tickets
Grand Old Grizzly-Rescind All My Amends
Heather Whitney – What Part of Life
Holly Tucker – The Finer Things
Huser Brother Band – Highway
Jake Flint – Long Road Back Home
James Cook – Foaming At The Mouth
James Garland – Tailgate For Two
Jamie Richards – She Remains
Jaron Bell (feat Austin Allsup) – Missing You
Jarrod Morris – Little Red Bandana
Jason Eady – I Lost My Mind in Carollna
Jason Herrin – Wrapped Up
Jericho Burley – Highway to a Country Song
JJ Roberson – A Girl Like You
John Thibodeaux – Don’t Want To Love Her Anymore (CD)
Jon Stork – One Night Stand (Single)
Jon Wolfe – Hang Your Hat on That
Josh Ward – Ain’t It Baby
Judson Cole Band – Battles
Kylie Frery – Ain’t Enough Beer
Left Arm Tan – Shortcut to Oblivion
Lonnie Spiker – The First to Say Goodbye
Madelyn Victoria – Right Here With You
Marcy Grace – Midnight Kiss
Market Junction – Leaving Memphis
Mason Lively – Heavy Toll
Morgan McKay – The Dark Before the Dawn
Ned LeDoux – Brother Highway
Randy Overton – Waitin’ For The Other Shoe To Fall
Ray Wylie Hubbard – Easy Money Down in Texas
Rob Dixon – Country Music’s gone to Sh-t (radio edit)
Robert Ray – Run Away With You
Robynn Shayne – Two Words, One Finger
Season Ammons – Jim Beam and Nicotine
Shane Smith & The Saints_Hurricane
Shane Smith & The Saints_Mountain Girl
Stoney LaRue – You Oughta Know Me
Stryker Brothers – Charlie Duke Took Country Music To The Moon
Sundance Head – Leave Her Wild
Terie Lei Moore – White Pine Creek
Travis Meadows – Underdogs
Trey Gonzalez – Here I Am
Wayne Garner – Break Me Down
WhiskeyHat – Austin Nights (Slight Return)

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Fredericksburg Trip

Recently, we made it down to the Hill Country to catch Ray Wylie Hubbard at Luckenbach. It was a great time for the wife and me. To start the show, Dalton Domino did an hour’s worth of one-man acoustic. Then, RWH came out, backed with his son Lucas on guitar. I can’t remember the drummer’s name. I coulda swore I heard a bass in the mix, but didn’t see one. My wife was not known to be a big fan of Ray’s music, but I think that’s changed now. I thought I heard her singing along with “Snake Farm” and “Screw You We’re From Texas.”

I had never been to Luckenbach before. Interesting story behind modern-day Luckenbach. You should look it up sometime!

We stayed in Fredericksburg and enjoyed German cuisine and local beer. We also checked out a winery or two. On the way out, we checked out the LBJ Ranch. I meant to take more pictures, but whatcha gonna do? Maybe more next time.

  • Obligatory Luckenbach Pose

Something I noticed down there: Every business sells T-Shirts, koozies, hats and anything else they can put their logos on and sell! Hmmmm. Look for Johnny’s Bar & Grill/Big Texas Radio online store in the near future!