Big Texas Radio “Currents” as of October 14, 2018

Sorted Alphabetically  |  “Current” Songs are played more frequently

Aaron Copeland – Drunk as Hell
Adam Hood – She Don’t Love Me
Bob Mauldin – Van Zandt County Line
Bobby Marquez – Trapped By Your Memory
Brandon Michael – Wait’s for You
Brent Giddens – Texas Wildfire
Bri Bagwell – If You Were a Cowboy
Cameran Nelson – Life Is
Canaan Bryce – City Limit Sign
Casey Peveto Band – Maybe
Chad Cooke Band – Whatever It Takes
Chere’ Pepper – Cowboy Boots
Chuck Shaw – Burn That Oil
Clay Hollis – Can’t Let a Good Thing Get Away
Cody Bryan Band – Texas Highway
Cody Rhodes – She Wants Me To Stay (Stay Gone)
Cooper Wade – High Time
Cory Morrow – Whiskey and Pride
Doc West – Tears in Her Heart
Drew Fish Band – Better Place
Drew Moreland – God and Cash
Eddie Saenz – Georgia Girl
Felix Truvere – Fake It Till I Make It
Frank Ray – Tequila Mockingbird
Garrett Ford – Woke Up in Waco
Giovannie & The Hired Guns – Run Away
Heather Whitney – What Part of Life
Huser Brother Band – Highway
Isaac Jacob Band – The Price We Gotta Pay (feat Mike Harmeier)
Jake Flint – Long Road Back Home
James Garland – Tailgate For Two
Jamie Richards – She Remains
Jaron Bell (feat Austin Allsup) – Missing You
Jason Cassidy (featuring Heather Little) – Falling Too Fast
Jason Herrin – Wrapped Up
Jericho Burley – Honky Tonk Jail
Jesse Raub Jr – Sittin’ Here
JJ Roberson – A Girl Like You
Jon Wolfe – Hang Your Hat on That
Josh Ward – Ain’t It Baby
Judson Cole Band – Battles
Kaleb McIntire – Love Song
Kenna Danielle – I-35 Reasons
Lauren Corzine – If This is Love
Madelyn Victoria – Right Here With You
Market Junction – Leaving Memphis
Matt and The Herdsmen – Hello Heartache
Matt caldwell – Lights Out
Mike Donnell – With You
Mike Love – Lost Highway
Mike Ryan – Damn Good Goodbye
Morgan McKay – The Dark Before the Dawn
Pat Green – Friday’s Comin’
Pat Waters – You Ain’t Never Been To Texas
Presley Phillips – Last Rodeo
Randall King – Mirror, Mirror
Randy Overton – Waitin’ For The Other Shoe To Fall
Ray Wylie Hubbard – Easy Money Down in Texas
Reverend’s Daughter – Down Here in Texas
Rob Dixon – Country Music’s gone to Sh-t (radio edit)
Robert Ray – Two Steppin’ at a Time
Robynn Shayne – Hell Broke Loose
Saints Eleven – My Heart
Season Ammons – Jim Beam and Nicotine
Shea Abshier & the Nighthowlers – As You Weep
Six Sanchez – Boat in a Bottle
Smoke Wagon – Brooks
Spur 327 Band – Beneath The Texas Sunset
Sundance Head – Leave Her Wild
Tanner Sparks – Good Intentions
Trey Gonzalez – Here I Am
Wade Bowen – Death, Dyin’ and Deviled Eggs
Wesley Michael Hayes – Baby Hold On
WhiskeyHat – Austin Nights (Slight Return)
Will Carter – Fiesta, Siesta, Tequila, Repeat
Xavier Joseph – Gotta Be Bad (To Have a Good Time)

Big Texas Radio Bottle Cooler

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The price includes shipping to the lower 48 states in the U.S.  If you’re somewhere else, get with me via the contact form and I’ll find out what the shipping cost will be.

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Fredericksburg Trip

Recently, we made it down to the Hill Country to catch Ray Wylie Hubbard at Luckenbach. It was a great time for the wife and me. To start the show, Dalton Domino did an hour’s worth of one-man acoustic. Then, RWH came out, backed with his son Lucas on guitar. I can’t remember the drummer’s name. I coulda swore I heard a bass in the mix, but didn’t see one. My wife was not known to be a big fan of Ray’s music, but I think that’s changed now. I thought I heard her singing along with “Snake Farm” and “Screw You We’re From Texas.”

I had never been to Luckenbach before. Interesting story behind modern-day Luckenbach. You should look it up sometime!

We stayed in Fredericksburg and enjoyed German cuisine and local beer. We also checked out a winery or two. On the way out, we checked out the LBJ Ranch. I meant to take more pictures, but whatcha gonna do? Maybe more next time.

  • Obligatory Luckenbach Pose

Something I noticed down there: Every business sells T-Shirts, koozies, hats and anything else they can put their logos on and sell! Hmmmm. Look for Johnny’s Bar & Grill/Big Texas Radio online store in the near future!