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Barter Advertising on BTR!

If you have a business to promote, and you have a high-visibility location to put up our banner, then we may be able to do a trade-out!  Use the contact form to get in touch!

We have small banners such as this one at the Elk Stop, Evant, TX:

Or this one at Unkle Skotty's Exxon in Terrell, TX:

New larger banner (2' X 4') can be seen at City Limits BBQ, Crandall, TX:

Basically, you'll get a :30 commercial to run in the rotation with the others.  BTR only plays one commercial per hour, but it'll keep playing as long as you're flying our banner!

Here's other pics of the original small banners:

At the Goat Cooking Championships:

At Pauly Service Center in Lometa, TX:

Thanks for helping promote Big Texas Radio!  Listen constantly!


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