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Big Texas Radio Heavy and Current Rotations 3/23/2019

Ashton Dupre – Alone in a Bar
Bellamy Brothers – If You Ever Leave
Casey Baker – It Was Only Me
Clay Hollis – Hard Headed Heart
Cody Forrest – The Way She Loves Me
Felix Truvere – Always Somethin’
Frank Ray – Just For a Minute
Holly Tucker – Country Music Won’t Let Me
Honkytonk Special – Just Go Crazy With My Heart
Kevin Deal – If You Can’t Put It Down (producers cut)
Kylie Rae Harris – Big Ol’ Heartache
Melissa Brooke – Beast
Sarah Hobbs – Like I Love You
Shannon Woods Band – A Song You Can Drink A Beer To
The Barrens – Something Real
Trent Cowie Band – Thought Of Us

Adrian Johnston – Honkytonk Wife
BRutherz – Hello Honky Tonk
Ben Marshal – Good Man’s Name
Beth Noble – My Darlin
Bob Farrell & Brushfire – She Came Here Just To Dance
Brad Russell Band – Lose Control
Bri Bagwell – Cheat On Me
Buck Fuffalo – Wishing Well
Cannon Brand – My Kind of Place
Chad Baker – A Lot Of Living
Chip Murrey – La Isla
Chuck Shaw – Dirty Woman Creek
Cody Jinks – Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leavin’
Cody Sparks – 13 Folds
Cooper Wade – High Time
Damon Curtis – Heart of Stone
David Adam Byrnes – Beer Bucket List
Dayne Pack – Too Proud
Derryl Perry – No Country For A Broken Heart
Garrett Ford – Repaint These Walls
Gary Kyle – Looking For You
Gary Patrick – You Are
George Dearborne – If You’re Gonna Ride
Hayden Haddock – She Don’t Know It Yet
Hayes Carll – None’ya
Jacob Bryant – Bring You Back
Jake Ward – Put You Down Tomorrow
James Cook – Let ’em Run
James Garland – It’s Alright
James Lann – Memory Like You
Jeff Clayborn – Last Ones To Leave
Jeremy Lynn Woodall and The Grinders – Hottest Thing in Town
Jesse Raub Jr – Touch The Water
Jesse Stratton Band – Dance With Me
Jon Stork – One Night Stand (Single)
Jordan Robert Kirk – Hi Ho Rita
Junior Gordon – I Loved Them Everyone
Kevin Fowler – Country Song to Sing
Kylie Frey – Ain’t Enough Beer
Marcy Grace – El Camino
Mario Flores – That Man
Mark Powell – Walk Away
Matt Dunn – American Steel
Melinda Adams – Muddy Waters
Mike Ryan – Other Side of the Radio
Monty Dawson – When You Call
Pat Waters – Whiskey Broken Heart
Prophets and Outlaws – Dreamer
Randy Rogers Band – Crazy People
Rob Georg – This Ain’t My First Rodeo
Russell Boyd – Wash It All Away
Saints Eleven – Strange Round Here (f. Walt Wilkins)
Season Ammons – Daddy Raised Hell
Shea Abshier & The Nighthowlers – Hot Mess
Stetson Walker – That’s When The Party Starts
Tanner Fenoglio – Leaving Midland
Texwestus – CAN’T SLOW US DOWN
The Buffalo Ruckus – Carolina Calls
The Golden Roses – Bad Habit
The Powell Brothers – GIVE ME A NAME
Thomas Michael Riley – Feel Rich
TJ Sparks – Margarita Monday
Troy Stone – Hays County Hilton
Turnpike Troubadours – Pay No Rent
Wade Bowen – Fell In Love on Whiskey
William Beckmann – I Wanna See You Tonight
Zach Coffey – Nobody Frames Bad Days
Zane Williams – Good Man to Have Around